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Code of Conduct

Swords Celtic FC has codes of conduct which all of its members are expected to fully adhere to. These codes of conduct are broken up into sections to cover each area of the club.


The full FAI Code of Conduct for Coaches is available is available for download on the Home Page and also from the following website


There are full guidelines on ethics in sport which are available below

Disciplinary Policy

To ensure the smooth running of the club and welfare of all members, this policy aims to outline the steps that will be followed should the rules of the Club, Leagues and FAI not be adhered to

Basic set of guidelines

  1. Playing is for enjoyment, not just to please your parents or coach
  2. Play by the Laws of the Game and always accept the referee’s decision
  3. Play with control and without losing your temper
  4. Play for yourself and also your team both performances will benefit
  5. Be a “good sport”. Applaud all good play whether by your team or the opponent
  6. Respect your opponent. Treat all players, as you would like to be treated, do not intend to hurt your opponent
  7. If you win do so with humility the same applies to losing do so with with dignity
  8. Do not bring the club into disrepute by your actions/conduct on or off the playing field

There are also guidelines being put in place on how to deal with the various social media platforms that are in use by clubs and their members which will be online as soon as possible but until then common sense should apply.

Swords Celtic FC also has a comprehensive Code of Conduct manual which is available upon request.

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Please respect ALL players and parents if they do not wish to be photographed

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There are full guidelines on ethics in sport which are available below.